1 of 4 false crime data arguments people use to support their bogus claim, regarding Blacks being responsible for 50% of the Murders, or the violent crimes, in America

The most often used data to support the lie that Blacks are responsible for 50% of the Murders, in America is the “Arrests by Race and Ethnicity Tables,” often “Table 43,” from the FBI crime data reports. Most arguing this point don’t comprehend that the data updates annually, so they usually roll out an outdated version of the report. Most of these people use tables from the year 2014, or 2015. Their argument is simple. They go under Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, and highlight the totals under Race. For example, in Table 43, for the year 2017, the numbers under race read the following. The total under murder is listed as - 9,468, while the numbers under race show White’s 4,188, and Black’s, 5,025. Then they look under “Percent distribution.” The percentage under White’s is, 44.2%, and the percentage under Black’s is, 53.1%. They will point to this specific data and stick their chest out with confidence. The only problem is, this data does not support their bias claim at all. They are equating “arrests percentages,” to actual individual crimes. Their claim is not based on arrest totals. They are stating that Blacks are responsible for 50% of the murders in America, so we need to first establish the total amount of documented murders for the year. Once to total documented murders have been established, we then need to specify the individual documented murders committed by Blacks. Keeping with the 2017 totals, their assumption is always that the total amount of documented murders is the total number of murder arrests. In the case of 2017, that total is 9,468. Their argument is that there were 9,468 documented murders in 2017, and Blacks were responsible for 5,025 of those murders, making Blacks responsible for 53.1% of the murders. They are wrong in this assumption. This math is specific for murder arrests totals, and does not account for the actual total amount of documented murders for the year, and their offenders. Their claim is easily debunked by me going to several different tables on in the FBI research. For the year 2017, you can go to Table 4, and it highlights how the total documented murders for the year 2017 is 17,284, not 9,468. Regardless of which year they roll out using the arrest total argument, you can always use Table 1 of the 2017 crime data report, to show that their total murder number is wrong. Table 1 shows the actual documented murders and nonnegligent manslaughter totals from the years 1998 to 2017.

Nowhere in the crime data does it state that Blacks are responsible for 53% of the Murders in America. As you can see, White Supremacists have misrepresented what the data says. Further research is found in the Expanded Homicide Data - Table 3. This table shows the 2017 murder offenders by age, sex, race, and ethnicity. There were a total of 17,284 reported murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases in the U.S. in 2017, and the expanded homicide data - Table 3, shows the following:

- 6,444 of the murder offenders were Black

- 5,125 of the murder offenders were White

- 314 of the murder offenders were other

& the race of 5,368 of the murder offenders were unknown

So Why are white supremacists going around lying, saying Blacks are responsible for 53 percent of the Murders?

The Black offender percentage is more likely be lower, than higher, if we knew the race of the offenders, whose race is unknown. I say this because there is a high number of unknown offenders not listed by a race. Whites have a higher population, and since we are resorting to estimates, Whites are more likely to be represented under the race of the unknown offenders. We see this example in majority of the other crimes listed on the FBI crime data table 43 (2017) where Whites are overwhelmingly arrested for majority of the individual crimes.

- 68.9 % of all Documented Arrests

- 58.5 % of all Documented Violent Crime Arrests

- 65.5% offenses against family and children

- 70% of all drug abuse convictions - 63.6% Stolen property; buying, receiving, possessing - 67.5% rape arrests

- 62.1% Aggravated assault arrests

- 70.9% sex offenses

- 81.7% driving under the influence

- 65.1% Forgery and counterfeiting

- 71.3% Arson - 66% Motor vehicle theft

- 67.7% larceny-theft

Source: 2017 FBI - Table 43, Arrests - by Race and Ethnicity

There is no reason for us to expect there would be any difference in how Whites are represented regarding the crime of murder if we knew the race of the unknown documented offenders under the crime of murder.