How does one define a true American? Are there not true Americans locked up in jail for breaking laws and committing crimes? Have true Americans not lost political elections or cheated on their spouses? Being a “True American” does not hold any claim over morality. Some Americans are good citizens, while others are con artist or cold criminals. There is nothing special about being a “True American,” since all Americans are not good, honest, or caring individuals. There is however something special about good, honest, and caring individuals, who happen to be an American, or from any other part of the world. Many people have been brainwashed to think that being patriotic, and using terms like “True American," is something special or divine. It’s just another ploy used by politicians and the elite to get ignorant individuals to dislike other groups, and to accept hate and division in society. It also gives the individual the illusion of a sense of purpose and cause. In reality, being a true American has nothing to do with ones morality. It’s just a term used to manipulate people.

Now let’s look at the leaders who host these large rallies year after year. They will speak on all the things that are bad in society, but after each rally, life goes on, and things never seem to change in a positive direction. Well, I am here to tell you that this is no coincidence. It boils down to pinpointing the problem and then having the ability to resolve it. If enough of us do not agree on what the problem is, then there will never be any solution. That is right, some of the people we consider leaders are focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the real core and frontline problems which we experience daily. Many of you will not like what I have to say, but the heart of the problem in America is the system in which we live … That's right, the “money hungry capitalistic system” is the cause of many of the problems. In order to maintain power, the elite have to limit competition, which they do by keeping the masses ignorant, divided, and misinformed. They have to create an illusion of freedom, when in reality, we are really their corporate slaves.

If you make 10 hr working 10 hour shifts daily, why should you not make a profit when the corporation has a successful quarter due to your labor? At the end of the year, if the corporation makes billions in profits, why should you have to continue to earn 10 hr, or have a yearly review in which you only receive a 5 or ten cent raise? That is exploitation of ones labor, and pretty much free labor. Your labor creates wealth for the already wealthy, and you do not get to enjoy the wealth that your labor has created ... that is complete foolishness and highway robbery. They also determine what “your” labor is worth, and they control if you work or make money as an entrepreneur through monopolies and the banking system. They will send jobs overseas for cheaper labor if you decide to join ranks (unite with other workers) and demand fair paying wages and reasonable work demands. (Strong Unions) And then they (the elite) will find a spokesman to speak against those who are demanding fair treatment, by using terms that describe the opposition as Marxist, or just plain un-American (Not a “True American.”) This is a divisive way to relate to the ignorant and uneducated, while promoting their cause and agenda of exploitation, in disguise of freedom and justice.

Just because you work in masters house, and not on the field on the plantation, does not mean you are not also a slave. Who cares if you picked more cotton then the next individual, the objective is not about picking the most cotton, the objective is to be able to work for fair capital while being able to come together with other workers to create a balanced economic system, while sharing resources on a need to need basis. It's about respecting the value of ones labor, based on the amount of capital being earned through each individuals effort. In the meantime, we are purposely divided and kept dumb through the educational system, the music, news, and other forms of entertainment. We work for slave wages, and then we give it all back immediately through bills and expensive goods, only to be stuck in the same cycle from generation to generation. None of our religious and political leaders will address these issues, but they are quick to create a rally of the masses, telling you how great the nation use to be, or how we should be good field workers and pick more cotton, if we want to live a better life. If you want to show how much you love the nation, join with those who are aware but helpless, and organize a mass group that is ready to demand fair wages based on individual labor and corporate earnings. Help go after corporate monopolies and banking fraud, which make it hard for entrepreneurs to fairly compete against large corporations. The illusion of freedom is what this is all about. Let’s break out the chain of mental and physical slavery.