The White Dilemma

By Brother Saye

Thomas Jefferson made it known he thought Whites were superior to Blacks, yet he still had a child with a Black woman.

The presidency of Barack Obama and Donald Trump has forced American’s to finally address America’s history and the impact slavery and racial discrimination has had within the nation. Whites are being forced to decide where they stand on specific issues regarding race, and many are experiencing what we call, “the white dilemma.” Caucasians throughout America are being pressured to examine and denounce certain views that have traditionally been embraced by majority of them, and their ancestors. Many, who have often sat on the fence and tried to stay away from politics and racial discussion, are finally being pressured to pick a side. Most of these Caucasians have previously voiced that America is the greatest country in the world, and have often acknowledge that America has had racial problems in the past. Many of them feel that America has tackled the issue of race, and that most of the issues regarding race are no longer systematic, but are more regarding individual cases. These American’s see themselves as American patriots who are not bigots. They tend to vote mostly Republican, but there are several within their ranks, who embrace more liberal values. Most of these people value the tradition of standing up during the national anthem, and have high regard for America’s founding fathers. They see America’s founding fathers as great courageous men, and they see the United States of America as the world’s moral leader. These people are usually the first to defend America’s traditions, culture, and legacy. They see America as the greatest country in the world, and speak of a nation that is a great beacon of light and hope. They see “A shining city on a hill.” Most people hold some form of racial biases, as all people do, but most have never been publicly confronted, or asked to examine their racial biases, until recently. They often try to separate themselves from groups like the KKK, and they often denounce far left groups that embrace any concepts of socialism and communism. Before I present the dilemma of these individuals, let’s examine some of the controversial values and world views embraced by many of these White Americans.

Many of these individuals believe in racial IQ differences and theories formed within race-realism and Human Biodiversity.

Many believe in celebrating their “Southern Heritage,” while parading the Confederate Flag.

Many believe that the name of old institutions and streets should not be changed, because they represent America’s history. They also believe long standing monuments are part of America’s fabric, and should not be altered or removed.

Many have a problem with political correctness and race “identity politics.”

Many have a problem with Affirmative Action and what they consider to be “soft immigration laws.”

Some of you are reading this and asking, “What’s the dilemma?” Many Whites Americans are finally being forced to reveal where they stand on social and racial issues, and many do not feel comfortable with the way society labels them, after expressing their views. A large number of Whites are being forced to reveal their White nationalists / White supremacists views, and can no longer hide behind a computer, and a fake social media profile. There is even inner fighting taking place amongst White nationalists and White supremacists extremists. None of these individuals are confused about where they stand on the issue regarding race superiority, but their differences are usually centered on social and political issues.

Then you have the White Americans who are somewhat confused. Publicly, they don’t want to be labeled as a racist or a White supremacist, but they share many of the views listed above. These Americans are what we call “Fence Patriots.” They deny that White supremacy still exists, or they minimize the impact of White supremacy in society. They are quick to verbally denounce racism, but when social conflicts occur, like the “Mike Brown Shooting,” they often find themselves speaking the same rhetoric as White Nationalists, and siding with White supremacists and the White nationalists on all the talking points. They will never join a White Nationalists organization, but they seem to agree with majority of the talking point from the White Nationalists and White Supremacist on political and social issues. They will say they despise White supremacists, but when pressed about their views regarding race realism and human biodiversity, they admit they agree with Charles Murray and Richard Lynn, that Whites are genetically superior than Blacks “on average” via IQ. They don’t see themselves as being racists, because they claim, they are just regurgitating and embracing science. Despite all the information available currently debunking this pseudo racial science, they accept this pseudo race IQ theory as a scientific fact. The dilemma with these people is that they want to hold on to their White supremacists views, while not wanting to be labeled as a, White supremacist. They have no problem bad mouthing White supremacist extremists who advocate White domination by any means necessary, but make no mistake about it; these White Americans are still supporting “Team White Supremacy.” They are all about maintaining the system of White Supremacy through government and educational institutions. After all, they still think Blacks “on average,” have the lowest IQ of all human species. You have those who don’t feel they should be labeled as a White supremacist, because they have a few Black friends, listen to Black musicians, and like several Blacks entertainers. Some even date and marry Blacks, whom they find sexually attractive. What these White Americans don’t comprehend is that, just because they find some Blacks attractive, does not automatically exclude them from still seeing themselves as genetically smarter than Blacks, or even superior to the very person with whom they are attracted to. Just because they are having sexual relations, or enjoy the companionship of Blacks, does not mean they are not still a White Supremacist. Thomas Jefferson made it known he thought Whites were superior to Blacks, yet he still had a child with a Black woman.

White Americans who openly speak out against White supremacy, & who acknowledge that we currently live in a system of White supremacy are also in a dilemma. These people are in a very difficult situation and their dilemma is very complex. So many White liberals have lost the trust of the Black community, that no matter what they do to display their solidarity with Black Americans; they will always be dismissed, antagonized, ridiculed, and not fully accepted by “some” of the very people they are advocating for. This is not to say they will be excluded by all in the Black community, but they will always come across those who will never trust them, no matter what they say or do.

White Americans who speak out against the system of White supremacy put themselves at risk of being considered a race traitor and Ni**er lovers, to many within the dominate society. Once they make a decision to join the fight against White supremacy, they will be disowned by many in White America, and put themselves in danger of losing their “White Privilege.” Most White liberals are not willing to go as far as losing their “White Privilege.” It’s one thing to sing songs and hold up signs with Blacks, it’s an entire different ball game when it comes down to losing financial opportunities, and actually being targeted & treated like 2nd class citizens. It’s one thing to be called socialists, communists, and leftist, it’s a different ball game when you’re hit financially, and injustice targets you & your family. Not too many Whites are willing to go through financial hardships, in the name of fighting against White supremacy, but many have no problem marching, singing a few songs, and holding a sign while walking along the side of Blacks. As long as they get to go back home & continue living next door to the White supremacists controlling all the resources and wealth, they are fine.

After reading this article, I hope all White Americans fully comprehend that Black Americans comprehend their dilemma. Now what we want to know is, what will they do about their dilemma?

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Written by Brother Saye