The Misconception of Revolution and Revolutionaries
By Brother Saye

So you call yourself a revolutionary. Overthrowing the government with people who are unconscious, who lack similar values, who lack discipline, who are uneducated, and who have no infrastructure or thought-out plan for the new process after the strom. That is suicidal ... that is not a revolution … it's only a coup.

In a revolution, a new system should be implemented. This is pretty much why you see the same mistakes taking place in many third world countries … Most of the time, the leaders of the coup are individuals paid off by western nations to be puppets, and to represent western “self-interests.” People are pretty much removing old officials, while maintaining the same oppressive system which has long existed. In America, many people often talk about revolution, but it will never work. It will not work because most Americans love the system, they just hate that they are feeling oppressed. They want the perks that come with the system. They are not against the system; they are against the individuals who are oppressing them in the system, and all they want to do is excel within the system.

Most Americans are in love with capitalism and support the principals of capitalism. At best, only a coup will occur, and the same problems will still exist. The value system of the society has to change, and a new way of thinking has to occur. Most Americans are too brain washed, and enjoy their NBA, NFL, fast foods, designer clothes, and social media slogans. It may be asking too much of them to comprehend the true essence of a revolution. In order to have a successful revolution, people must be conscious of the things that need to change in society, and the things they have to sacrifice and remove, to improve their lives. They must develop discipline to stop loving the things they have been conditioned to love. They must learn new strategies and techniques that will never be taught to them in public schools. These tactics may take a lifetime. In this case, they have to then pass this information on to their offsprings at a young age, and teach them the values, morals and codes that come with this new way of thinking. During this time, they have to also know their enemies, as they plot against them. This is tricky because the enemy can look just like you. Your enemy may be a family member or a co-worker. This is not an easy task, especially with all the new technology in society. It’s easier for the enemy to keep tabs on you and your moves.

In terms of revolution, your enemies are those who continue to embrace the current system, despite them being introduced to the knowledge that you have gained, which inspired you to become a revolutionary. Your enemy is also someone who hides information from you, or who tries to convince you that the current system is best for you, despite your acquired knowledge about the system. Your enemy is someone who keeps tempting you to lack discipline, and who continues to create an environment that is not productive for you to prosper in your quest, despite knowing your agenda of self- improvement. Many so called revolutionaries love to create music and art, love to host annual events, and write in-depth articles (such as myself), which seems cool, and can aid in providing consciousness, but that is not enough. Some people think gathering big crowds to protest is a revolution. That is not a revolution. Talking loud and standing up to the oppressor with a gun is not a revolution.

The most important aspect of a revolution is getting everyone to embrace a new value system and to “train” and “develop” a discipline that allows one to create, accept, and to learn how to implement and abide by a new value system. The idea that most people cannot stop eating pigs, and smoking cigarettes, shows a lack of discipline, which would make it hard to become an effective revolutionary. To get everyone to reject the current system and all the so called perks, which seem to come with it, is a very difficult task. Capitalism has a lot of perks for those who flourish in it, and many will betray the group, when offered the best capitalism has to offer by the enemy. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. What good is a revolution, if you continue operating in a monetary and capitalist system? For those of you who talk of revolution, what new systems have you proposed to your comrades? If you support a resource based system, what plans have been created for the transition, after the revolution? What disciplines have been acquired by the people to follow the process through, and what education has been provided for people to play their roles in an efficient and effective way, during is process?

Large groups of men carrying guns is no revolution, but a mere attempt of a coup, which often results in little changes with new faces, resulting in the same failed process. Look at Liberia West Africa from 1979 to current. Instead of focusing on guns, marching, and yelling, why not spend that time underground educating, learning, gaining discipline to do away with the alcohol and drugs, and acquire the skill set to rebuild the family and community, do away with the music and art (propaganda) that destroys the image of the people you claim you care about, to learn skills survival skills? Why not enhance critical thinking skills, to stop working for the enemy, and to start working social entrepreneur jobs that help improve conditions of the people you claim you care about? This process is a discipline that most people are not willing to take on. They are too busy shouting revolution and causing chaos and confusion, instead of training themselves and their children to be real revolutionaries possessing discipline, moral values, and a well thought out strategy. A revolutionary should display discipline and character that resonates beyond a pistol in hand.