The enslavement of humanity

If you can stomach the truth, here is how it really works. TV is designed to flood you with a whole lot of confusion, chaos, and drama, to keep you unoccupied about your reality and your true-life experience. TV is used to influence your emotions. It’s best used to create the feeling of anger, hate, hunger, fear, feeling defenseless, and manipulation of political, social and international views. (news.) It is used to create a false sense of identity, reality, and to influence and promote behaviors like sex, foul language, alcohol consumption (movies, reality TV, sitcoms, game shows, music videos etc.), and the craving for corporate goods and services, which is the very exploitive foundation of why the television world was formulated to begin with commercials, music videos etc. Humanity has been enslaved both physically and mentally.

There is no such thing as freedom, justice, and equality. Just like prisoners, we have all been assigned numbers and are slave workers instead of intelligent beings. If you have a bank account, a social security card, a computer, a cell phone, cable television, everything that you eat, say, like, dislike, watch, spend, write, and everywhere that you go can be monitored and tracked. Just as the Romans would capture a city/village and create a theater/coliseum to keep their subjects submissive, by entertaining them with drunken, violent festivals, we are currently bombarded with year round sporting events to keep our minds off focusing on the sadden enslavement of our humanity. (Ever wondered why professional athletes get paid so much more than policemen, firemen, doctors, and educators?)

Humanity is divided in many different ways to keep up the ignorance among us. Any sense of consciousness or great awakening by the individual is quickly addressed by isolation or financial handicap. The prison system is not only used to lock up violent offenders, but it is also heavily used for capital exploitation, and a means to isolate those whom have gained some consciousness or clarity about the current enslavement of humanity. The divide is broken into ways that keep people angry unconscious and argumentative, instead of being united, conscious, and productive as critical thinkers. Religion, political affiliation, race affiliation, sexual orientation (women vs men), financial status, and educational affiliations and status, has been the blueprint to manipulate, enslave, and divide humanity. With the history of human enslavement and the technology that currently exist, one should not be surprised how far someone would go to manipulate and control the minds and behaviors of individuals. I have no supporting evidence that anyone is being controlled or manipulated through technology, but when you have parents who abandon, children, families that harm one another, people that go out in the public and attack innocent civilians and so on, you cannot rule out any possibilities. History has shown, there have always been groups of people whom were willing to use all types of unethical measures to manipulate and experiment on, to enslave humanity at large.

As the old saying goes, believe only half of what you see, and none of what you hear. To be honest, I really have no solution to the problem I have pointed out. Like most, I am also a victim of this circumstance, and I have no doubt that I am only partially aware of the real magnitude of this situation. Like many others whom have gained some consciousness of our current enslavement, I too have been attacked through isolation, as well as financially. All I can say is to love you, have self-pride (not selfish pride), to never lose the determination to be more disciplined, and to think more critically each day. Keep a close eye on those in and out of your circle, and acknowledge your creator as often as possible.