of Dead Prez Talks Family And Parenting

Khnum Ibomu, better known as, of the rap duo Dead Prez, recently revealed his methods of balancing parenthood and maintaining his career as a rap musician, in an interview with Brother Saye.

Brother Saye: Thank you for allowing this interview. For individuals who may not be familiar with you, would you please give them a little background information about yourself, and your family? Thanks for your time as well. Well in a nutshell I am an emcee and producer with Dead Perez, an author and CEO of Boss Up Inc., and founder of “THE RBG FIT CLUB.” I’ve been a student of martial arts for many years and continue to practice a lifestyle of holistic health. I’m a father of an awesome 10-year-old son, Itwela, and I’m the husband (of 18 years) of best selling author and holistic health counselor, Afya Ibomu.

Brother Saye: How would you describe the relationship between you and your son? We are good friends. We train together, joke a lot, travel, talk about ideas, play chess, draw, and work on music. My discipline system is code of conduct, communication, encouragement, correction and calisthenics, not spanking.’s son “Itwela” responds, “I think it’s good. We have lots of fun and we have lots of things in common” when asked by his father how he feels about the question.

Brother Saye: In the process of raising your son, how do you balance being a parent, and being an artist who has to travel away from home, for work? My wife is an excellent team player. When I’m home, we alternate school, food, and extra-curricular duties every other day. I handle the boxing practice and guitar lessons, she handles packing lunches, piano lessons, and health care. We have a good partnership that makes it happen. And as often as I can, I bring him with me and give him responsibilities on the road, so he learns to respect what I do, and know that he can accomplish his own goals through dedication.

Brother Saye: Are there any guidelines (of being a good parent) you would like to share with current or future parents? Be loving, present, open minded, positive, supportive, encourage well-rounded skills and self-sufficiency, encourage entrepreneurship through your example and child involvement, encourage through your example and family activities good habits in health and fitness, encourage emotional understanding of self and development of will power and self-control, encourage the observation of cause and effect in self-community and world, encourage study and the application of knowledge, encourage concern for well-being of the family and community through lifestyle and special activities, and discuss political reality in a realistic yet pro-active perspective.

Brother Saye: How do you feel about the concept of teaching young people how to become critical and independent thinkers, instead of teaching them what to think? I’m totally in agreement. Problem solving requires living breathing confident and resourceful minds…not rigid close-minded parrots of yesterday’s ideas.

Brother Saye: As a parent, what are a few important teachings or philosophies you would like to see your son embrace, as he grows into adulthood? Sister Souljah”s “Midnight Novels” are going to be required reading and study for my son. The character midnight is a great example of a well-rounded human being, not without flaws, but has a great foundation of what manhood is about, in my opinion. I’d like to also impart some of the wisdom teachings of the Buddha so he will be able to master his emotional power and not be a slave to it. I’d like to continue encouraging him wherever his interests develop and to make sure he has support in reaching his potential. I want to be a good example of a father so he has something to use as a guide when he has children of his own. I’d like him to make a contribution to our community’s empowerment as he sees fit.

Brother Saye: Do you have any current or future projects you would like to let the readers know about? My new album “The Workout” is dedicated to health and fitness and has no cursing or n word. It’s available at, and my wifey and I are currently finishing a book on maintaining happy and healthy relationships coming soon.

Brother Saye: Where should the readers go to purchase previous and new musical projects, and how can they contact you if they are interested in booking you for performances, or public speaking engagements?