The newly founded Pan African Pen Pal Outreach Program would like to partner with individuals interested in teaching African culture and Ancient African history.


We are looking to work with people around the world to help us host & create monthly, and eventually weekly cultural events. Imagine community events where we can enjoy stage plays about Marcus Garvey and Queen Nzinga, or cultural events like festivals highlighting foods from Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana. Imagine lectures and documentaries about Ancient African Civilizations like the Benin Empire, the Mali Empire, or Nubia Kush. Our first objective is build a partnership list of over 10,000 Pan African supporters around the world who are interested in this project, by circulating a petition.

We have already created a website with links to the American Embassy "in Washington DC" of every African country. We will be reaching out to them in the near future to partner with them. See below: