Many Have Been Educated To Support the Crony Capitalist System of Exploitation

Many Have Been Educated To Support the Crony Capitalist System of Exploitation

Below is the annual gross revenue of America’s largest fast food chains (Fox News)

McDonald’s; $32.4 billion Number of U.S. locations: 14,000

Subway; $10.6 billion Number of U.S. locations: 24,885

Burger King; $8.4 billion Number of U.S. locations: 7,000+

Starbucks; $8 billion Number of U.S. locations: 4,118

Wendy’s; $7.9 billion Number of U.S. locations: 6,000

Taco Bell; $6.9 billion Number of U.S. locations: 5,600

Dunkin’ Donuts; $5.4 billion Number of U .S. locations: 7,015

Pizza Hut; $5.4 billion Number of U.S. locations: 6,000+

KFC; $4.7 billion Number of U.S. locations: 4,700+

I personally feel that money should have nothing to do with the value of a person’s life. Saying a person is paid what they are worth lacks perspective and insight. Many people have been trained to protect the rights of corporate enslavement and exploitation by the educational system in this country. They have been taught to not value their labor, and to not expect higher wages based on increased revenue. They have been manipulated to link job titles with income, instead of labor and revenue to income. They automatically agree with the concept that a corporation “has” to charge the consumers “more”, if they pay the workers more. Their logic is that the corporation is entitled and has to maintain its “whatever” billion dollar annual gross income. So they conclude, McDonald’s will have to charge more for food if they have to pay their employees $15 an hour. They don’t look at the entire picture. Here are the options.

A. McDonald’s can pay their employees $15 an hour. Make $30 billion in Gross revenue instead of 32.4 billion in gross revenue, and still charge their consumers the same, without increasing the cost of any items on the menu. No one within the organization (management and owners) would have to lose their jobs. No one would have to change their lifestyle, or take their kids out of private school. The CEO and others at the top of the pyramid would still be able to play golf all day, and take global trips around the world. McDonald's would still be leading all fast food chains in America by a large margin. The only thing that would change is their employees’ salary. (When people ask me do I understand economics … I laugh) I ask them, do you understand the history of America’s educational system and how it was created to benefit wealthy capitalist, and crony capitalist practices?

B. McDonald’s can pay their employees $15 an hour, and continue to make 32.4 billion in gross revenue, by charging the consumer more. They actually can just charge more without having to lay off any workers, to maintain the 32.4 billion, but laying off workers and charging more for food is an option. The truth is, it would not make any sense for a corporation making 32.4 billion annually, while leading its competitors in revenue by over 20 billion, to need budget cuts. It’s not logic to think they would be hurt so badly to where laying off workers, and increasing product cost, would be needed. (But this is the option people love to think is the only option)

C. Things can stay the same. The corporate coons can continue to make billions in profit while paying their employees less than $9 an hour, which is pretty much a slave wage.

What people don’t realize is the result of the labor (which has a lot to do with the result of the profit) should always factor in when it comes to the salary of the worker. Job titles and education should have nothing to do with the value of one’s labor. If you are so smart and educated, you should be smart enough to understand that no matter what a person does, rather it be flipping burgers or mopping a floor, if that persons labor results in a corporation earning $33 billion dollars, they are highly being underpaid for the value of their labor, if it results in them making only $15,000 a year, which is within the poverty level in America. I don’t want to hear any arguments about people needing to go back to school, entry level jobs, and other foolish statements. Everyone has different talents and some people are better at some things more than others. Just because you sit behind a desk and went to college, temporarily memorizing a whole lot of stuff to get a degree, which you usually don’t use or even remember, does not mean you are any better, or should get paid more than people who work at fast food chains. When you got your job, you were most likely trained to do everything you currently know. You probably could have done your job without ever attending college to begin with. The reality is, my argument is based on the value of your labor, not about which job titles you think holds more status or merit in our society. Most NFL football players make more money than most teachers, firemen, and policemen, but not everyone would agree in which job holds more esteem or merit. So you say, not everyone can play in the NFL, but anyone can work at a fast food restaurant. The truth of the matter is, anyone can put on a NFL or a fast food uniform and go on the field or in the restaurant, but when the game starts, or when a bus load of people walk into the establishment, not everyone will be able to play or perform well under the pressure. We must respect the value of the labor. Merit and educational issues are trivial, full of contradictions, and not judged on the same accord by the same standards. Even though there are many outside factors, the end result is the gross revenue. As we know, products, services, labor, sales, marketing, all result to revenue. Revenue and labor should dictate and determine income. No way a business earning 32 Billion dollars, should be paying their employees less than a business that earns less than 1 million annually. It’s not practical or morally responsible, especially when the business could not function without the labor of the employees. Throw out everything you learned in the crony capitalist school system, and use your conscious minds. All workers asking for at least a living wage of $15 an hour are doing the right thing. It's a good start because these corporations can actually afford to pay them without hurting the consumer with hiked cost. We are talking about fast food chains, which “all” can afford to pay their workers $15 an hour without charging the public more. Companies making below $50,000 annually are the acceptation to the rule. Small mom and pop stores have a legit argument we can talk about later. Right now, all fast food chains making 1 billion or more should pay each of their workers at least $15 an hour.

People have been educated and trained to defend the idea of obtaining college degrees, while only earning $15 an hour. Meanwhile, the people they work for generate billions of dollars annually. How dare someone with no college degree to ask for ($15hr) which is what they earn! “Go to school,” they say. The sad part is, they are college graduates, and have no clue they are getting pimped by the system, but the people whom they claim "are not educated," are the ones conscious enough to understand the value of their labor. What an interesting turn of events. I would like to suggest that everyone reads, "The Underground History of American Education," written by John Taylor Gatto. You will come to understand why so many people continue to support and back crony capitalist practices by large corporations.