Backbone of the Dungeon Family Values The Next Generation

By Brother Saye
February 28, 2012

“The Dungeon Family” are a group of talented musicians out of Atlanta Georgia, affiliated with the production team known as “Organized Noize.” The Dungeon Family’s first generation members include the likes of Backbone, Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast, Cee-lo Green, Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, Big Rube, T-Mo, Cool Breeze, Khujo, Ray Murray, Mr DJ, Witchdoctor, and Big Gipp. Hopefully I did not leave anyone off the list. Recently I connected with Backbone, a.k.a “Mr. Fat Face 100 Dollar Bill”, who is a founding father and first generation member of the DF, and I was able to ask a few questions about his current endeavors.

Saye Taryor: Who is Backbone, and what does the name represent?

Backbone: Backbone simply means, “I am.” More importantly, I’m the strength of the Dungeon Family’s essence.

Saye Taryor: I recently read an article in which you were quoted as saying “ This generation is losing.” Please elaborate on that statement, and explain what exactly you are trying to do to reverse this cycle?

Backbone: This generation is easily influenced via media. The youth have become numb to their emotions. I can only plant seeds of optimism in hopes of it rooting in the minds of those under my influence, thus changing the thought process of the culture.

Saye Taryor: Explain Generation X from an artistic perspective, and then a business perspective?

Backbone: Generation X was conceived out of love with hopes of bringing music, health, and visual artistry back to the forefront of “hip-hop”, being that it is now the most influential entity as far as marketing in the world. “Tanning” (quoting Steve Stoute). GX is a collective of entrepreneurs bartering services to bring forth a resourceful movement for all those involved.

Saye Taryor: What are your spiritual or religious views, and how do those views influence your music?

Backbone: I Believe!

Saye Taryor: After reading the Rap Music Manifesto I wrote, what is you perspective on what I had to say?

Backbone: Each artist must willingly provoke change accordingly.

Saye Taryor: What is your outlook on the idea of social entrepreneurship?

Backbone: That’s the essence of Generation X … be your own boss.

Saye Taryor: Where do you see yourself a decade from now, and where does the Dungeon family and Generation X play into that?

Backbone: You’re conversing with a mogul minded vessel. The brands will be more organic and resourceful.

Saye Taryor: I hear you are interested in starting a nonprofit organization, what is that all about?

Backbone: The name is “Can Do Kids”. The mission is to feed the seeds and to reach and teach the youth.

Saye Taryor: Do you have a list of current or upcoming projects you would like the readers to know about?

Backbone: Generation X is available on iTunes and at I will be releasing random projects leading up to the release of “Eternal (The Immaculate Re Conception)” the new full-length album.

Saye Taryor: How can the readers track and stay current with your current and upcoming projects?

Backbone: @BACKBONE_DF1G (twitter) and (websites) 678-459-5140 (phone) Backbones first album was titled Concrete Law (2001), which featured the classic single, “5 Deuce 4 Tre”. One of his most celebrated appearances was on the Goodie Mob single “Get Rich To This”, which he was responsible for writing the first verse and hook.

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