Introduction to "Analyzing the american divide"

Author Saye Menlekeh Taryor (Brother Saye) talks about his upcoming new book.

When someone says, “you’re a racist,” what exactly does that mean? When people claim to be White nationalists, instead of White supremacists, what exactly are they saying? So many times, we hear Americans within the dominant society say, “That was a long time ago, stop living in the past.” Another response we often hear is, “You are dividing the country every time you bring up race, move into the present.” Too often, these claims are not examined or are not even challenged. To better understand the damage and division I was told to be causing, by mentioning racial injustices, I decided to examine relations among Caucasians throughout colonial and American history. Sometimes we ask different questions and turn over new stones to fully examine racial issues in America. This discussion of race in America is nothing new, and there have been many great scholars who have come before me, executing sound arguments, yet, the problem still exists today. Will I be regurgitating forgotten arguments of old, or will I bring something new to the table? The truth is, I'm able to do both. I highlight old arguments that have yet to be debunked, and I present new arguments based on new research and analysis.

By reading this literary work, you get to see exactly how long and why America has always been a divided nation. You will see how America has not only been divided by race but how America has always been socially and economically divided. I show how the colonists were divided, how the founding fathers were divided, how religion maintained a division in America, and how social divisions in America have always existed. Regarding religion, I present how Protestant settlers carried out their disdain for Catholic Italians immigrants, and how these Protestant extremists carried out their hate and disdain towards Jews and people of African descent during the “reconstruction era” in the South.

This book tackles and debunks all myths and lies that are currently being propagating and disseminated among White nationalists and White supremacists, about people of African descent. It provides evidence from sound factual sources, destroying half-truths, and lies, about people of African descent being violent, and leading the nation in crime. Readers get to examine the FBI’s crime data, evaluating per-capita numbers, without the racial bias and half-truths often used by White supremacists and White nationalists. The “We Wuz Kangz” jokes and assertions are also addressed. This book addresses if Africans sold each other into slavery and if Irish immigrants were slaves, who happen to have worked hard, resulting in them being accepted into the dominant society.

In this book, I introduce a new phrase that I call, “The White Dilemma.” “The White Dilemma” is what every Caucasian American must decide at some point in his or her life. Are you going to side with White nationalists and/or White supremacists? Are you going to speak out against racial injustice, and be considered a race traitor by the White nationalists and White supremacists? Are you willing to be called a communist, and a self-hating White apologist, filled with unnecessary guilt? Finally, are you going to try to remain neutral? If so, how will you remain neutral when asked to address America’s contradictions, or defend America’s wrongs? This is a tough dilemma which I will not be losing any sleep over. I do however acknowledge it comes with some complexity.

As a person of African descent, it’s a no-brainer. I would hope all Caucasian would have the courage to speak out against racial injustices and call out white supremacy for what it is, however, many Caucasian are not willing to be called self-hating race traitors and be ostracized from the dominant society. “Analyzing the American Divide” provides an extensive outlook on how the British and the Loyalists viewed the American Revolution. I discuss the dynamics surrounding America’s Civil War, and how the narrative of freeing slaves based on a moral stance has been over exaggerated. The real narrative is one based on the North needing industrial workers while trying to break up the economic monopoly of the South. I show how the abolishment of slavery was not about ratifying a Constitutional injustice or being a champion of moral justice. This book debunks racial stereotypes while educating the reader about American history. Readers are introduced to ancient African history and are shown all the lies, flaws and contradictions found in the doctrines and racial beliefs of White nationalists and White supremacists. After reading this book, no one will ever look at White supremacy and White nationalism the same.

"Analyzing The American Divide” outlines every step that leads to modern day White supremacy, while presenting claims and arguments that are thoroughly sourced. As a book of solutions, the book tends to lean towards the Pan African principle of promoting social entrepreneurship, while favoring a resourced based economic system over the current monetary economic system. For many, this may be the most controversial aspect of my presentation. To end the misinformation promoted White supremacy, this book allows the readers to learn American history and Ancient African history without confusing the two. This is very important because it brings the racial discussion to the forefront, without eliminating the historical context and facts that are needed to have an honest discussion. This book will be a game changer for race relations in America, and among people of African descent all around the globe.

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