Alberta and Alfred King, Taking MLK's consciousness further

Over the years, the study of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life has been very influential as to how I view the world in which I live. I will not bore you with the general history of what people are usually taught about Dr. King and his struggle for human and civil rights, but I would like to reveal some very important information that will forever change how you look at the world in which we live. In my quest for seeking truth, and consciousness, I came across some information that further enlightened me to the matrix society in which we currently live. What do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King’s mother (Alberta Williams King), his brother (Alfred Daniel Williams King), and the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths? I will not proceed to share his information with you. I would like for you to form your own ideas and views on this, so I challenge you to research this information on your own.

I’m pretty sure most of you have no knowledge of this information, but I want to explain to you why and how it is important. So there is a statue in the nation’s capital, and a national holiday named after Dr. King. Now how many people have a holiday named after them in America? It’s time to put on your thinking cap. Once you have researched the death of his mother and brother, try to comprehend why this information was never taught to you, or has never been discussed in modern educational circles and forums. Isn't Dr. King considered an important figure in American history to many, regardless of if he is championed by them, or not? How could intellectual and educated minds neglect to examine the strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of his mother and brother? Obviously, I was able to research this information, so it is available to the general public. So why did I have to dig so deep to find this information? Not to mention, there was limited information to examine. It recently occurred to me that only conscious minds will seek this knowledge, even after it is introduced to them. My question to the critical thinker is this, why are the strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King’s mother (Alberta Williams King), and his brother (Alfred Daniel Williams King), not discussed, and examined openly, within the educational system in America? Why has this information been kept away from the masses?