1up Entertainment/Music highlights and promotes talented musicians, of all genres, who are advocates for critical thinking education and social entrepreneurship. Musicians who partner with 1up Entertainment/Music understand how powerful words and images can be, and they agree to create and promote images and messages, which are educational, beneficial, and inspirational, to people of all ages and nationalities. Our job is to talk about, and beyond, the music with the artist, and to share an in-depth outlook on who the artist really is. We also want to help create awareness about upcoming projects, while creating more opportunities for artists who partner with us. We insist all aspiring artists, looking for a way to jump start their careers ( in a positive way) to contact us. Some of the artists whom we have interviewed, or have agreed to work along with us are, Eshe and Speech of Arrested Development, Sticman of Dead Prez, Umi of P.O.W/ RBG, Zayd Malik of RBG /Outlawz , and many others. We look forward to working along with many of you in the near future.

President of 1up Entertainment/Music

Brother Saye